The Best Kind of Princess

NY Review

This quote will give you a taste for what this review involves:

At a time when fictive Disney princesses reign over pop consumer culture for girls—last summer the entertainment giant announced its first Latina princess, Elena of Avalor, for an eponymous animated television series, doubtless prompted by demographic trends—it’s difficult to remember that real princesses once wielded broad intellectual influence. Both of the incumbent Prince of Wales’s wives—the charismatic, doomed Diana and the tough, tenacious Camilla—struggled to complete secondary school and never considered going on to university, typical of most aristocratic British women of their generation.

How true this is of many recent American graduates also! They go to college, but take the easiest courses – and graduate with useless degrees. Once out, they find they have no money – but do not attribute that to their ignorance. Once again, try to find money, the easiest way possible – and wonder why this attracts so little money.


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