Giving and Getting

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

This is what separates good people from bad people. And I have to say, in today’s world, most people are bad and very much determined to stay that way.

This is built into the way our economy is organized. Everyone grabs as much as they can – and somehow, everything gets better. Only it doesn’t – everything gets worse.

I remember when I lived in a remote Mayan village in Guatemala, in the Seventies. It had a marketplace run by ruthless men, out to make as much money as possible. And a marketplace run by the local women, who were just trading with each other – with no intention of getting rich. The difference in atmosphere was remarkable.

This is also true in Software Development – the activity that has formed the latest economy. There are people (and companies) there – who grab as much as they can, and give nothing in return. And are not very successful. The successful companies contribute a lot, and get a lot.


One thought on “Giving and Getting

  1. What’s up Hal? My sister Elizabeth told me about your blog. My grandfather was Joe Henderson from Fullerton, ca. I guess we are distant cousins. I’m a long time teacher of sped students in the east bay area. I’m getting ready to retire, recently took up oil painting and am getting fairly skilled at it. Enrolled at uc Berkeley for an additional degree in fine arts just for fun. My wife and kids support my endeavors in this. Hey, my very first job teaching was a 1 year stint on the Osa Peninsula! I know and love Costa Rica very much. Well best of luck to you.
    Jerry henderson

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