The Extremely Large Scale Society

The size of anything makes a big difference on how well it works. Sometimes increasing the scale (or size) makes it better, and sometimes it makes it worse – most often because internal communication breaks down.

The latest attempts to increase the size of human society have been a disaster. This is widely acknowledged, but something else has made this problem much worse – the speed (and volume) of communication has compressed this huge mass of people into one small population – where everything happens at once, and everywhere. TVs and cellphones are everywhere, and everyone uses them.

And people have gone crazy. The original size of human societies was tribal, consisting of about one hundred people. This size was scaled up dramatically with the advent of Civilization, only a few thousand years ago. The present human population numbers in the billions – but this size is amplified so much by rapid communications, it cannot be evaluated by numbers alone. Whatever it is – it is unstable, and is destroying itself.

It is destroying itself on several levels. Most fundamentally, on the level of being (ontology in Philosophy). People have decided that the world does not exist! And only exists in their minds. And they can do whatever they please (on the level of ethics, or morality).

This is shown politically, in America – by the election of Trump. A man who has no ethics, and is proud of this! He is the New America, and Americans are proud of him – a man who does not exist!

I am tempted to analyze this. But minds far smarter than my own, are saying this cannot be done. All we can do is accept the world – as it is. And do our best to fit into it.

The age of heroic endeavor is over – and a new age is upon us. Where we will have to live in a smaller-scale society – that is being formed now.


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