The Closed Society

I continue to read The Open Society and Its Enemies – and I am convinced that Sir Popper is onto something. Especially his description of the Closed Society.

In my view of things, we have now returned to such a society – with some important differences – due to the advent of the Computer – that has changed everything. This change has occurred so recently, mostly in the 21st Century –  it has been ignored – but constitutes an overall threat even greater than anything Popper was concerned with.

We now live in the best of worlds and the worst of worlds. With most of the world’s inhabitants unable to tell the difference.

That I can tell the difference, it not due to my superior intelligence. The world has been beating me over the head, insisting that I pay attention to it – and eventually, I have.

I worked for twenty years in the Computer Industry, in California – a brutal experience, if ever there was one. And it changed me – it made me lose faith in its perfection. A difficult lesson to learn – believe me!

I yearn for perfection – something my father believed in – and other people of his time also. This belief failed them completely – but they never noticed.

This could be inscribed on their tombstone “They believed!”


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