Take Control of the Economy?

Why not?

This would be a big job, but now we have the Computer – that can easily handle huge amounts of information (Big Data) and understand the relationships involved in that information (Artificial Intelligence) I’m sure it could be done.

But the very idea makes people nervous – they believe something else must be in control – and not us. If we take control – we will be stricken down.

Note the use of biblical language in that last sentence – we will be stricken down. From this it is clear, that God will be displeased with us – if we take control away from Him. The Economy is God – who is everything.

Better not mess with it. And make sure the Computer does not mess with it either.

The problem with this reasoning is obvious – that God is the Economy. But this is overwhelmed by an assumption built into Capitalism itself that is even stronger – that the Economy must be in control. A secular belief, not a religious one.

This is strongly reinforced by those who benefit from this belief – the rich and powerful. They do not want their control threatened. And since they control the Media, their control is absolute.

As seen by the rise of dictators everywhere.


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