Making a Better World – One Improvement at a Time

I am taking an online course Introduction to User Experience – on edX, sponsored by the U of Michigan. This is orientated toward Computer services – but could be applied to any situation where one group of people use the services that another group provides.

This is a new concept that has great potential – and should be developed further. It works best if both groups want to make this service better. Which, in fact, is how most computer services work right now. They are updated (improved) frequently. Both sides benefit from this.

A popular pattern is MVC – where there as a Model of the overall logic – a View that the user sees – a Controller that connects both, and a database, where the data is stored.

This is like a primitive society – where everyone knows his place, and performs his proper role.

More advanced societies, carefully define the improvements they want – and then work constantly to make those improvements better.


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