I can’t quit my Job, and I can’t quit my Depression

The Border Between

I have walked in this gal’s shoes – back in the Nineties, in Silicon Valley.

They gave me Prozac (the wonder-drug of the time) for my depression – starting at 10 milligram, when the normal dose was 20. Over the next years years, they kept increasing the dose – up to 50 mg. – and alarmingly high dose. Then they ran some tests and found Prozac was no better than a placebo. I stopped taking it entirely – and suffered no withdrawal effects.

I had a number of therapists in the Valley – you can find nearly every kind there – and they did me no good either. I kept telling them my problem was my job – but they could not imagine what I was talking about.

Was I saying there was something seriously wrong with the Valley? Heavens forbid!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Did you find your health improved when you moved away from Silicon Valley? Thank goodness you suffered no withdrawal effects from the high dose of medication.

    • Yes, I gradually got better – although this move will not work for everyone.

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