Society’s Attitude Toward People

I am reading The Reactionary Temptation – at the request of a friend of mine.

This does a good job of describing the political situation in much of today’s world. But I am not so impressed by its analysis of the causes of this situation – of what it calls Reactionism.We are certainly seeing a reaction – but a reaction more fundamental than the one it describes.

It says, and I quote:

What are this generation’s reactionaries reacting to? They’re reacting, as they have always done, to modernity. But their current reaction is proportional to the bewildering pace of change in the world today. They are responding, at some deep, visceral level, to the sense that they are no longer in control of their own lives. They see the relentless tides of globalization, free trade, multiculturalism, and mass immigration eroding their sense of national identity. They believe that the profound shifts in the global economy reward highly educated, multicultural enclaves and punish more racially and culturally homogeneous working-class populations. And they rebel against the entrenched power of elites who, in their view, reflexively sustain all of the above.

A sophisticated analysis, and one that is right, I am sure!

He then brings up another interesting person – Michael Anton – whom he met for dinner near the White House. Anton goes on a rant about the Party of Davos.

He then brings up Curtis Yarvin – another interesting character. These guys seem to be coming out of the woodwork.

It’s a long article – too long, for my taste. My simple mind wants something simpler. Here is my take:

Today’s global society destroys people. And the people in it are reacting to this simple fact – but in complicated (or more accurately, complex) ways.

This is not hard to understand – but people do not want to understand it.


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