Hierarchy on a Global Scale

Hierarchy appeared as soon as we became civilized – only a few thousand years ago. Civilization needed some way to organize itself, and hierarchy was the obvious answer. But this caused a problem – those on the bottom of the hierarchy were not always satisfied with their lot.

Creating a society that satisfied everyone seemed an impossible task – and most did not even try. It’s time we asked ourselves this question again “Is an equitable and just society possible?”

The answer, for most Americans is “No, absolutely not!” And underneath this answer, is the unspoken reason “We got ours, and we intend to keep it!” Or, to put this another way “Our way, or the highway!”

Does it have to be this way? Perhaps not. But making this change will entail some big changes in the way we do business. Changes that have already been made in some industries. Such as aircraft assembly, in Airbus’s Epic Assembly Line – and in Software Development, where some amazing stuff is going on.

I have to distinguish here between the Software Industry – that is still doing everything wrong – and the Software People – who are working to do everything right. As shown in this O’Reilly newsletter. An epic struggle is going on here, and it is too soon to declare a winner. In fact, most people are not even aware this struggle is going on.

They have opted to stay out of everything – thinking this will keep them safe.


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