Manipulating People

Is this good or bad?

The general consensus seems to be that, looked at carefully, it is immoral (it is telling lies, aimed at deceiving people) – but, taking a larger view, it is good, because it sells more – and makes more money. And making more money is good.

It also makes the powerful more more powerful – a state of affairs, that most people consider desirable. If the rich get richer, they think – they will get richer also.

Allow me to back up and examine one statement more carefully – having more money is a good thing. Allow me to expand that by talking about the Economy – having more money around is good for the Economy.

Whether this is good or bad does not matter – people everywhere are moving from where there is little money, to where there is more money. From the country to the cities – where the quality of life is low, but there is money – and all the good things it can buy. Or from poor countries to richer countries – where there is money – and jobs.

I made this move myself, when I was a young Electronic Engineer. Without thinking about it, I moved from the Midwestern Rust Belt, to the East Coast – where there were plenty of jobs. I moved from where there was little money, to where there was plenty of it.

Money attracts more money. And this feeds into a boom/bust situation. And an unstable economy. And the overall net result – of a depressed economy.

I repeat that – we now live in a depressed economy – with no improvement in sight.

And this is driving people nuts.


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