Our Most Disruptive Innovation

I just downloaded the Clayton M. Christensen Reader – that is all about business, a subject I abhor – but he adors. His religious bias is clear – Business is creating the Second Coming. And disruptive innovations are clearing the way for this to happen.

Business men and women are eager to agree – even if they don’t understand him very well. They all claim to be disruptive innovators – hoping  this will drive up the price of their stock.

In my opinion, this is bullshit.

In the last two hundred years, there has been plenty of innovation – too much of it, in fact. And, as a response – people have quietly disappeared. This is the ultimate innovation – the disappearance of people, to make way for all this radical change to happen.

The image that comes to my mind, is Palm Sunday – where Jesus enters Jerusalem in triumph – only to be crucified. The imagery is perfect – Jesus dies a painful death, but is resurrected in Heaven!

In the 19th and 20th Centuries, this theology was updated (to use a computer term) to make it more practical – there was to be a Heaven on Earth – managed by the latest networked technologies – TV and the Computer!

Life everywhere is painful – but that is to be expected – and even welcomed! This is proof that everything will eventually be worked out.

In the ultimate miracle!


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