How the blockchain will radically transform the economy

TED – Bettina Warburg

This is a woman’s view of the economy. And she succeeds in putting it in human terms. There are men who can describe the technical details for us – and they are very technical.

In my opinion, blockchain is a clever solution for a problem that does not exist. Just today I was sent OpenStack Storage for Dummies by Red Hat – and it has demolished any arguments against their standard, but comprehensive solutions. It doesn’t even mention blockchain.

The blockchain is a distributed database, a network, spread over many computers – where data can be stored securely. This data is digitized – an important point I keep making, over and over.

Our bodies are not computers. There is a lot of information flowing around in them – but this information is encoded chemically, not electronically. Taking milliseconds to execute – not the scant microseconds the computer needs.

There are people (and a lot of them) who assure us that the computer will somehow make us better.

But the computer has only made things worse.


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