Society and Religion

We social, and we are religious. And the two interact vigorously – we cannot consider one, without considering the other.

We can also think, and we thought, at one time – we could use this ability to create better societies for ourselves. But these better societies have not been much better, despite some strenuous efforts to make them that way.


To answer this question we have to go back to our ancient history of tribal units, of no more than 100 individuals each. These societies worked, because making them work was easy. Everyone knew everyone else, and conflicts could easily be worked out.

But they also worked for another reason – they saw themselves as being ruled by divine beings – an amazing variety of gods. Who these gods were, did not seem to matter much – as long as the people believed in them – and believed they were in control.

Any attempt to put themselves in control was sternly rejected – by the gods themselves! And this divine order persisted as we became civilized – a huge change that changed nearly everything else.

How does this apply to the 21st Century? That is largely a secular society.

This is a question so easy to answer, it hardly needs answering. Our gods still exist, and are as strong as ever – but they have become the gods of Business – that has become our new religion. And the same prohibition still applies – any challenge to the gods is forbidden!

Our Economy depends on belief (in itself, as a god) and if this belief disappears – the Economy disappears also!

I hope this stimulates your thinking. Your comments are welcome.


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