Corporate Social Responsibility CSR


For corporations, or any organization, to be socially responsible – they, first of all, have to want to be responsible.

And in my forty years in the workplace, working for a wide variety of organizations – I never worked for a single one, that was the least bit socially responsible. They were respectable (very much so) but not responsible.

This course on edX is designed to help companies be socially responsible – but I overlooked it, because I thought it was impossible. Perhaps I was too pessimistic – but I had been there, and done that – and I had got out, the best way I could.

For me, the organization that came to mind, was my family’s church. It was respectable, but not the least bit responsible. And it quietly disappeared – because the world had no use for it. If it was not going to be good for them – they were not going to be good for it.

The same thing can be said for most people in today’s world – the world does not need them – and is busy getting rid of them. This is not a pretty sight – the world getting rid of millions of people, for no fault of their own – but it has to be done.

A great cleansing is going on – and the world will emerge purified.


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