The Power of Being Nothing

This power is being exercised by nearly everyone in the world. They are having a wonderful time being nothing, and destroying everything!

Logically, this makes no sense – how can anyone not be? But logic does not apply here. These people have decided to not be – and anyone can see, plainly enough – that they have succeeded completely!

One can ask “Can they go on destroying the world forever?” Obviously not. The world’s resources are limited – and they are running thin already. In one or two hundred years – the human population boom will be over. There will still be plenty of cockroaches, but not so many of us!

If we were smart – we would see this coming, and plan an orderly transition. Although how we would get rid of most of the world’s population, would be a challenge.

The rise in the level of the oceans will take care of many of them – the shortage of food, the rest.


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