The Drive to be Wonderful

Google I/O 2016

This must be built into human nature – we are not just social animals, there are plenty of those – we are social animals with an elaborate, flexible hierarchy. Where the tokens that express one’s standing in the hierarchy are constantly being revised.

This means many people are being rendered obsolete – right now. They have responded by trying to stop the clock – an impossible task, that only makes the situation worse.

The link is to a Google event showing how wonderful Google is! The money spent on it must have been colossal – but that is just the point – Google’s money shows how wonderful it is. Microsoft could do this a few years ago – but only Google can do this now.

They can do this because they make all those people with their Android phones feel wonderful. This is Google’s overall goal – to help people as much as it can!

But this also makes them dependent on their phone – and indirectly, on Google!

I’m dependent on Google – I might as well admit that. I am using their Chrome browser right now – and YouTube also.

I have also noticed the fast pace of change in Software Development – it reminds me of the Red Queen’s remark in Alice in Wonderland “In this world, you have to run fast, just to stay in the same place!”

There are people who can do this, and they spend most of their time doing this – keeping ahead of the rest of us.  As shown in this link. He is telling other developers to concentrate on staying up to date with Google.

This will make them wonderful – or dead from trying too hard.


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