Software Projects

Wikipedia has an excellent definition of Project Management. And anyone interested in the subject should start there.

In my experience, however, the individuals interested in this, only want to become powerful – at the expense of everyone else. They may have some managerial skills – or they may not. They are basically politicians – and of no interest to me.

I will start with software projects – that have their own software to manage them. Usually, this is done with a IDE, an Integrated Development Environment. That helps Software Developers manage their projects.

The help they can provide is amazing. You can chose which Framework to use, which people to put on your team, and you can do frequent testing of the project, as it is being built.

One of the first of these IDEs was Microsoft’s Visual Studio – that has been constantly improved on. And which it is eager to help new programmers understand.  You can’t go far wrong by getting in bed with Microsoft – even if it has some unethical business practices.

If you want to affiliate yourself with other software providers, later on (Google, perhaps) – this will not be too hard to do. Software basics are the same everywhere.


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