God and Quantization

Quantization refers to the existence of matter and energy in distinct units only. This theory was introduced by Quantum Mechanics – that most people have rejected entirely – as something destructive to their religion – and of their concept of God.

Eventually, this led to their rejection of Science itself. And of the World itself. They were only interested in their beliefs about Reality – not Reality itself – that they rejected entirely.

Were they aware of this? No. This huge change occurred entirely in the dark (in the unconsciousness) of their minds.

But the digital computer did the same thing – it took analog inputs. that can have an infinite range of values – and digitized them into a limited range of values – that could be represented by digital numbers – each of which can only be a one or a zero.

People should have noticed this – but they did not! Why?

Their minds have tricked them. They could watch a movie, that consisted of nothing but a series of still images – and see a moving picture! They can also see a computer screen, that consists of nothing but colored dots – and see a naked, dancing woman.

The overall effect was the same – the rejection of reality for an illusion. Reality was boring, compared to their illusions. And they went with them – without thinking about it.

They were destroying their world – without thinking about it!


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