What We Can Change, and What We Have To Accept

We have to accept that one plus one equals two – and the rain falls down. We cannot change either one.

But, we will say, with complete assurance – we are God’s people – and no one can take that away from us.

Between these two extremes lie many things we can do – and things we cannot do. Most of them being things we cannot do.

For example – once a person, or a group – makes up their minds about something. Changing their minds is difficult – if not impossible. And it’s amazing how many situations are like this.

I am listening to a description of the American Civil war- that was about slavery. The slave-owners would not give up their slaves – no matter what! The lengths they went through to justify this were amazing. But, in the end – amounted to one thing – they would die before they would give them up – and many of them did!

That was a few years ago – but Americans still believe they are special people – not God’s people perhaps – but something close to it.

They will not die to defend this belief – but plenty of other people will.


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