How He Used Facebook to Win

NY Review

I do not use Facebook myself – because I do not need it. I use WordPress instead, to expand on my ideas.

Probably, people who want to consider my writing, to see if it is valuable, look at my number of readers – an average of 40 or so – and don’t bother. No one thinks I am important – not even me.

But this review is about Trump – whose followers number in the millions. And what it says IS important.

It is not an easy read. I used LibreOffice to copy important parts of it – to help me understand it. But I copied so much I realized I was dealing a whole new way of manipulating people (including voters) – typical Americans, who are not very bright – and actually want to be deceived.

The social media are well-suited for this – and allow ample opportunities for new forms of social control. New kinds of dictatorships – that have sprung up everywhere.

The Trump world was more like, “Let’s say a lot of different things, they don’t even necessarily need to be coherent, and observe, through the wonderful new platforms that allow you to observe how people respond and observe what works, and whatever squirrel everyone chases, that’s going to become our narrative, our agenda, our message.” I’m being very simplistic, but that was the very different approach that truly was creative, different, imaginative, revolutionary — whatever you want to say.


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