The Network

The Network has changed who we are, with unbelievable speed and thoroughness. The basic technology here was Electricity (the Telegraph) updated with Electronics (Television) and then with the Computer (the Internet). We cannot remember what we were like before this vast change – before the middle of the 19th Century.

The last technological leap before this was the Printing Press – that was also concerned with the spread of Information – in the form of text – the same thing you are looking at now, on your computer. This was made possible by writing, thousands of years before that. I could go on and on – but you get the general idea.

We have changed so much – we no longer want to know what we have become. We are thrilled by it, and horrified by it – at the same time. It is my intention to shed some light on this change, and what we have become. Entirely different beings, never seen before.

The big break came with Television, in the Fifties. It took over our lives, completely – without our offering a shred of resistance. This set the basic pattern – we wanted to be overcome by the latest forces – whatever they were. This was basically a religious impulse – we wanted to be ruled by a divine force – and the Network (as part of the Market) – was just such a force.

It was more complicated than this – but this was the general outline, and we need to keep it in mind. No easy task, believe me – because we do not want to know what has happened to us, what we have become.

Our world, and our technology – has become very complicated. I cannot begin to understand it – but at least I know that – I cannot understand it.

And this gives me a big advantage.


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