Making Promises You do Not Keep

This is such a common practice now, few object to it. But it still does not feel right to me – and I want to raise my feeble voice against it.

The common attitude seems to be “The only way to get ahead is doing whatever is necessary to survive in a highly competitive world.” Taking care of other people can wait for awhile.

But taking care of other people cannot wait – it has to be done now, as part of our normal practices – including business practices. This is what makes Business work – honesty. Trading defective products wrecks the entire trading process. It destroys the Market.

But this is going on. It’s all too easy, as life becomes more complicated – to sneak in a little dishonesty – to make a little more money for ourselves, at the expense of others. Nobody will notice. But whether anyone notices or not, does not matter. The atmosphere is poisoned for everyone.

I grew up in an American Midwest that produced most of the world’s products – but it is now a Rust Belt that produces nothing. Too many people were only interest in taking care of themselves – at the expense of others.

The result was the collapse of an entire era.


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