People are Formed by Their Circumstances

This is as obvious as anything can be. Our bodies are the product of millions of years of evolution. And our minds are formed when we are small children – to be like the people we grew up with.

This growing up process does not create perfect copies – every person is different. But in America, in the 20th Century, there was a strong impulse to make everyone the same. That way, they could be more easily managed, or controlled.

The emphasis was on uniform progress. Making society into a vast machine – capable of turning out more machines. This was Middle-class, Midwestern America in the Fifties – that I grew up in – that manufactured most of the world’s industrial products.

But as adolescents in that economy (a period I can remember well) we knew it would not last. And we had to look for jobs elsewhere. And, sure enough, it did not last – and that vast area (most of the U.S) turned into the Rust Belt.

America lost it – and lost it big-time. The brilliant future Americans thought they had – turned into dust.

If Americans had been smart – they would have learned from this, and corrected their mistakes. But they were not smart. They had the mind of a machine – and machines that were not very smart.

But technology moved on – and produced a smart machine – the Computer. How would Americans use this? Poorly. They still had the mind of an industrial machine – and could not understand this new one. Human cultures can only change slowly – but technology can change rapidly.

This, I believe, is the best way to understand today’s world – that is composed of people formed by the Industrial Revolution (the 16th – 19th Centuries) that are living in a world controlled by the Computer – in the 21st Century.

A world they cannot, and do not want – to understand. The world that elected Trump.

However, this is the 90 percent – the 10 percent (that I belong to) are having no problem with this – and indeed, are welcoming, and enjoying it. We have access to many learning opportunities.

This is the gap that now distinguishes today’s world – people who are still living in a Industrial World – and people who are living in the Post-Industrial World (the Computer world).


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