Driver Updates

Your laptop computer has a lot of software in it. It’s basically a small number of chips (that don’t cost much) – tied together with some software that makes it all work together.

My computer, for example, uses the Intel CORE 13 microprocessor chip – a huge thing containing a number of processors that have to work together – using parallel processing. Intel provides drivers to do this (small blocks of software, designed to make their chips do their thing).

Intel also works with Microsoft to make its Windows operating system work with Intel’s hardware and software. Handholding is going on all over the place. With everything talking to everything else. This is how it all works – very clever!

Except for one thing – these drivers are updated, but no one checks to see if these updated drivers are installed on your computer! The software company Cleverbridge took note of this, and came up with a solution. Its software would do this for you – scan your computer to detect the drivers that are installed (mine has nearly a hundred) to see if they are up to date, and if they aren’t – bring them up to date!

I bought their software – but it didn’t work! Since I bought it using PayPal, I used PayPal to complain to Cleverbridge.

What happened next amazed me. They came out with an update to their software, that worked – and they refunded my $30!

I hardly know what to say.


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