We Concentrated on Winning so Much, That We Lost It

We lost it. That pretty much summarizes the 20th Century. Especially the last half of it, that I lived through personally. The period from the American Civil War, WWI, the Depression, and WWII – was not a piece of cake either. Coming out of WWII, we made an honest attempt to do better – that’s what the United Nations was for. But we failed miserably.

What I want to do this morning, is look at the American obsession on Winning – that, in the last analysis – has done us no good. Because we did not take a careful look at what we were trying to do.

Winning was a metaphor from warfare, that was adopted everywhere in Europe – by Great Britain, France, and Holland – who established and maintained – dependent countries in Africa and Southeast Asia. America joined this colonization with its takeover of the Philippines.

Winning, in this context, meant forcing weaker people to give their resources to stronger people. And it is still going on, but not as successfully. The gasoline that people put in their cars, came from countries ruled by the worst kind of people.

The context changed with the arrival of TV – that allowed people everywhere to see how the affluent lived – and to demand the same for themselves. And also made possible new dictatorships – that controlled the Television that their subjects saw.

Winning meant winning control of the Media – and continues to be that, with the introduction of the Computer. People’s minds had been taken over – and they could be easily managed, by those in control.

Winning meant taking control of people’s minds.

Which was not that hard. Mentally, we were still cave-dwellers – and easily influenced. We were technically advanced – but socially retarded.

We have to back off a notch – and remember what has happened to us. Our minds had been taken over.

And now we have to get them back.


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