Good and Evil

There seems to be a belief that these can be safely ignored. And indeed, should be ignored – by the right kind of people.

No one will admit this out loud – but it can be inferred from their actions. And from the kind of people they chose to be their leaders – Trump, for example. They are convinced that the right way to be, is to be a greedy as possible  – and anything else is foolish.

They have not thought this out – they do not do much thinking – but they can see everyone else doing it – and they are certain that it is the right way to be.

I must emphasize that this is their unconscious belief – that includes a strong belief that the unconscious does not exist! They have made themselves impervious to moral criticism.

Perhaps I should stop at this point – but I want to point out what the results of this moral deficiency will be – a collapse of the society that caused them. This kind of society cannot work.

To which you may reply “It’s working just fine, and I am taking full advantage of it – and am not concerned with those who are not!” If most people in the world cannot survive – good riddance to them!

But this ignores a basic fact – we all live together on one planet. If it dies, we all die.

Their reaction to this is amazing “The death of the Earth would be a fine ending for us. Let it happen!”


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