Understanding the Impact of Software

The World is now run by Software, and it has changed us entirely – but we believe it has not changed us at all!

Probably this was due to the Christian belief in the soul. This is what people really were – the rest of them was unimportant. Technologies (such as the Computer and its Software) could not change the soul – and therefore could not change who we were! This belief is also shared with Islam – with the most radical elements of Islam – having the most radical beliefs. We cannot defeat these beliefs – because we have them also.

Let me return to my first statement – that software has changed us entirely. This has to be changed – Software had changed our Economy entirely. And this has changed us, in subtle ways, that we do not want to think about.

To be blunt, it has made us stupid!

Software has made Business all-powerful.  And to be all-powerful – Business has to know everything, and control everything.

This does not bother us much, because we have always believed that other forces ruled the world – religious forces. And Business is our new religion.


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