Computing Was a New Medium

What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counter culture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry

This book contrasts the development of the Computer on the East Coast (mainly MIT) – with the West Coast and Stanford University, in Palo Alto. Everything in between (the Midwest I grew up in) did not matter, and could safely be ignored.

The West Coast realized that computing was a new medium, like books, records, movies, radios, and television. The personal computer had the ability to encompass all of the media that had come before it and had the additional benefit of appearing at a time and place where all the old rules were being questioned. Personal computers that were designed for and belonged to single individuals would emerge initially in concert with a counterculture that rejected authority and believed the human spirit would triumph over corporate technology, not be subject to it.

The East Coast computing culture didn’t get it.

And the rest of the world didn’t get it either. They cannot live without their smartphone – but have no idea how it works – or how it effects them.

The Computer has created a new world, one they live in – but do not understand, or control. They know something else is in control – but do not want to know what it is.

The Corporation is now stronger than ever.


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