Women Have More Mental Health Problems


And I was attracted to them, and their problems. And then wondered why everything went wrong.

I was codependent – to use a once-fashionable term. This problem still exists, and in fact has gotten worse – but people don’t want to talk about it anymore.

She ends this way:

Many women in modern society still suffer from the ‘superwoman’ syndrome. This is the need to do everything – get the kids to school, cook the meals, clean the house, keep up an active social life as well as having a high flying career or running a small business.

I knew some of these women when I worked in Silicon Valley, and I marveled at them. I didn’t see any mental health problems, but I’m sure they had them – and passed them on to the rest of their family.

There was so much craziness there, their problems could be easily overlooked.


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