Why Am I Interested in Programming

I am reading yet another book The Haskell School of Expression. Haskell is a programming language – one that does Functional Programming. A type of programming that has great promise – but has not yet become popular. Like me!

Here are some quotes from that book:

All expression comes from within outward, from the center to the surface, from a hidden source to outward manifestation. The study of expression as a natural process brings you into contact with cause and makes you feel the source of reality.

Programming, in its broadest sense, is problem solving. It begins when we look out into the world and see problems that we want to solve, problems that we think can and should be solved using a digital computer. Understanding the problem well is the first – and probably the most important – step in programming.

The second quote assumes the first – that you are a person who wonders about things. And Computers are our latest things. Most people are not this way – they do not wonder about anything. And their lives do not make much sense.

Programmers are different – they are communicating constantly. Writing books, taking classes, attending conferences.


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