The RLDS and the Evangelicals

Wikipedia – Evangelicalism

I grew up on the RLDS church, that gradually faded, late in the 20th Century. One of the reasons for this, was the much larger Evangelical movement – that had much more power – and religious zeal.

Originally, they were all the same – products of the Second Great Awakening, in the early 19th Century, that produced Evangelicalism, Mormonism (LDS and RLDS) and Christian Science.

The LDS church was successful, and was not threatened by Evangelicalism – but the RLDS had weak leadership – and went nowhere.


2 thoughts on “The RLDS and the Evangelicals

  1. You are a little ahead of yourself here, Hal. The RLDS/Community of Christ (it changed its name in 2001) has not faded away, at least not yet. Who can tell what the future may bring, but that has not happened yet….

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