People Get In The Way of Power

Americans today are very interested in Power, but not interested in People.

They are people biologically – but not emotionally.

I don’t have the words to describe what they are – probably because they do not want to be described – but perhaps they could be described as a large Machine – a definition they would probably be comfortable with.

They would probably be comfortable with this – and probably uncomfortable with it. Because this is a description of the Industrial Society, a mechanical society – and they now live in another society that is not mechanical, but informational.

This huge change occurred in two stages – first they lost their social awareness, then an entirely different technology took over. With considerable overlap between the two stages.

Let us consider the first – the loss of social awareness. This must have happened late in the 19th Century – as the final effect of Industrialization. That caused a complete social collapse – and caused the American Civil War, WWI, the Depression, and WWII (with its Holocaust). A situation so horrible, people could only endure it by not noticing it. By not being socially aware.

When I speak of People here – I mean the vast majority of people – at least 80 percent. There was always a minority who knew what was going on – but they were relatively powerless. The Great Social Engine blundered on. More powerful than ever.

People were aware of this Power – but did not want to understand it – only make it more powerful. This was the situation in the middle of the 20th Century – when I came on the scene.

America manufactured much of the world’s goods then – but now, half a century later, it manufactures little.

Meanwhile, Informational technologies were taking over. Beginning with Television. This was not seen as Information at the time – but as Entertainment – that also controlled its viewers, with its clever Commercials. TV continued the tradition of the Movies – only it was free, and could be viewed at home!

The impact on People was enormous – and still continues. A new breed of dictators arose that could control the Television that their people relied on. In America, this caused the rise of Trump.

Society had become hostile to People – but completely compatible with Power – as embodied by the Corporation.

Time marched on, and produced the Computer – that was all about Information – and created a new economy based on that. A new form of Power! But one we understood little.

Here again, the 80 percent understand nothing – but this does not bother them in the least. They have Power, and they are going to use it!


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