The Computer has Created the Information Economy

Everyone will agree with this, because they all have heard it before. They know the words, they can repeat them by heart – but they have no idea what they mean.

An entirely new world has opened up before them – but few can see it.

They know the computer has opened up new business possibilities, and has attracted lots of money, in some places. But they cannot imagine why.

Getting acquainted with this new world is not easy – because it is so different.

I became acquainted with it by accident. I needed a new career, because the old one, as an Electronic Engineer (U of Illinois, 1979) was finished. The Vacuum Tube, that it was based on – had been replaced by the Transistor – and a host of Silicon-based Integrated Circuits.

I did the only sensible thing – and went to work for the Computer Industry – as a Technical Writer. A huge career change!

I was forced to live with the Computer every day – and gradually got to like it. I got the first personal computer – that made me much more productive, as a writer. I started to program the thing – and became a programmer myself. I didn’t plan any of this – it just happened! I had become a Computer person, and could not go back.

The whole world could not go back – and we plunged forward, into the unknown. We became part of the Information Economy – with most people having no idea what that was.

I cannot explain it, and I have tried. You have to live with it, intimately – before you can understand it.

Does this sound like Sex? It sure does. And the result will be new beings, like none before them.


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