The Machine and The People

The Machine has gained Power, while the People have lost it.

I’m not against the machine, I made some coffee with my espresso machine this morning, and am warming up a pizza in my microwave oven. And I am using my Computer to write this blog.

But I have the strong feeling that all is not right with the world – and the probable reason for this, was the transfer of too much of our Power to It.

Let me put this in theological terms – the Machine has become God. And we are responsible for this transfer of Power – that has happened entirely inside our collective minds.

We do have a collective mind – we have to recognize that, right off. And we have to recognize that it has gone wacky rather recently – in the last two hundred years, or so – with our powerful machines (the Railroad and the Automobile). And especially in the last fifty years, or so – with the advent of Television – and the Computer, and its networks.

This has confirmed our belief, that something out there is in control – and not us. This is a spooky feeling that we like, and dislike both. That we never talk about.

The first step in our recovery (as always) is recognizing our problem. Not that we have gone wrong (and very much wrong) but that we refuse to think about it.

People will scream, as loudly as they can “There is no problem!” When it is pooping all over them.

We need to say, quite calmly “We do have a problem – and it is a big one. The biggest one we have ever had.”


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