The Superficial Life

I keep asking myself “What are these people like?” These people being the Americans I grew up with – but was different from. I am strange that way – I want to know how things work. Most Americans don’t.

I’m left guessing what is going on in their minds. Without many clues available to me – and my first assumption is that they have no minds – or if they have them, they manage to conceal them very well. Which doesn’t tell me very much.

I have to go back to my original observation – they are not interested in what is going on. I am sure of that.

I have to ask myself “Why don’t they want to know?” And a lot of answers come to mind – such as “Things are so bad, they don’t want to know about them!” And this seems like a reasonable answer.

But not good enough – they do want to know some things, but only some things. Some filtering of their perceptions is going on – but what kind of filtering?

Here I have use my expertise in Software (in Artificial Intelligence) that does this all the time. It analyzes the inputs and outputs of any black box – and figures out what is probably going on inside it. Note that key word – probably.

I will now share what is probably going on in their minds – they are only interested in a superficial view of things. Nothing substantial.

I quote here from The Bounty Hunter of Wall Street:

In retrospect, it is not coincidental that 2015 was the year Left became famous. His tactics matched our mood. Most of us do not care about a random pharmaceutical company meeting its debt covenants. We care about getting medicine at a price we can afford. We don’t care about organic versus inorganic growth, but we worry that our kids will have no coverage if the Trump administration repeals Obamacare. Left’s very timely gift is to connect our daily human concerns to the convoluted operations of the economy, wrapping financial analysis in a moral, populist language that is calibrated precisely to draw maximum attention in a media environment in which screaming is the only way to be heard.

This superficial knowledge is the perfect knowledge.


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