Don’t Wanna Know

This attitude is typical of most people in America.

These people were made affluent by the Industrial Revolution – and are now part of the Computer Revolution – that they are determined to not understand.

They are part of a technically advanced culture – they want no part of!

What the heck happened here?

First, we have to recognize the two parts of the human mind – the conscious and the unconscious. The unconscious is far more important – and has the advantage of operating in the dark – where it cannot be seen by the conscious – but its presence can be inferred, from the actions it causes.

This is the part of the mind that says “I don’t want to know!” And enforces that decision ruthlessly.

I can remember the Sixties, when we thought we were getting much better (with the Great Society) – but ended up being much worse (with Vietnam). This happened, but we had little awareness of it. Our collective unconscious tripped us up.

Evidently (and this is only a guess) our unconscious minds decided the world it was in, was not good for it – and decided to wreck it. This was an accurate analysis, the world around it, was not good for it. The decision to wreck it was not so smart – but had enormous appeal to the more primitive parts of the mind – if something is against you – kill it! The logic of all terrorists.

We could have said “We need to change our world, get rid of some parts – and keep other parts.” Instead, we said “Get rid of everything!”

Our new knowledge, as embodied in the Computer – was seen as dangerous!

Which it was – any innovation replaces older modalities. The Computer was replacing Industry. And making many people obsolete.

They went to the voting booth – and elected people who would stop this from happening. Trump, for example.


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