Understanding the Amazon Web Services (AWS)

I am watching a course, produced by Amazon, and hosted by O’Reilly, that explains how the Amazon Cloud (AWS) works – in great detail. It has centers on the East Coast and the West Coast – it knows about the Rust Belt – and provides edge services to it – but also knows the world I grew up in, is no longer important.

To me, this is exciting – this is how the most important service in today’s world works! I can compare it with Microsoft’s Cloud (Azure) that is not nearly as impressive.

In one part of the world, however, its coverage is scanty – Latin America. It has a center in Brazil, that does have some computer expertise – but the rest of Latin America, a big part of the world – has little. The same is true of Africa, and many other parts of the world.

The people there are lucky to have electricity. And are often engaged in killing each other off!


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