Asceticism in Our Time

This notion may sound strange to those who concentrate on getting as much as they can. This pursuit produces people who have a limited existence – not having much of anything! Which they overcome by not noticing anything – including, of course, their own unhappiness.

This is extreme asceticism – not being aware of anything. And is common in America – the richest nation in history.

It is typified by a compulsive attempt to get everything – and a studious effort to not notice they have nothing!

The wealth of any nation is in the quality (not the quantity) its social interactions. 

This can be easily examined by our latest invention – the Computer – with its Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet was first about People – but it is now about Things. And People are not complaining – they know when they have been outclassed. They have been pushed to the background – and now leave the important things to their Things.

This is a shocking situation for me – but perfectly normal for them.

It can be mapped as objects and interactions – where people are some of the objects. Object-oriented programming has become an obsession. Because it seems to be what is going on in the real world. I am now studying functional programming – that eliminates all this noise – but is not popular at all.

Politicians closely monitor the messaging going on between people – their Tweets, and their Facebook comments – and contribute quite a few of their own. Everyone and everything is messaging – and doing their best to manipulate everything else. The noise is astonishing – but the meaning is minimal. The quantity of their social interactions is high – but the quality is low.

Everyone knows the quality of their lives leaves a lot to be desired. But they don’t want to think about it – and believe it cannot be fixed, in any case.

This is quite a change from their optimism at the end of the 19th Century – when their future seemed bright! They want this back – and will support anyone who promises this.

Such as Trump.


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