The Independent Existence of the Mind

We have a body like any other animal – but we also have a mind, that is something different. How to manage this difference is one of the problems of our human existence.

You may be saying “I don’t want to think about it!” Which is a typical reaction for our time. If that is your policy, you will not be interested in what follows.

I can remember the Sixties, when this was a hot issue – although it was not defined this way. Instead, people wanted to know how to make themselves better – it was called Personal Growth. And they could not imagine anything as abstract as – carefully defining what they were. That was too mental – and they were interested in emotional issues.

If they had redefined their problems, and thought about them more abstractly – perhaps the Sixties would have continued – instead of gradually fading away.

How strange, to be not interested in the mental problems that had fascinated people for thousands of years. People had separated themselves from their minds – with devastating consequences!

Perhaps they simply became afraid – they were trying to make fundamental changes to their world – and the forces in charge of their world, were dead-set against that.


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