Using the Cloud is not Easy

As I said before, I am taking an online course about AWS. And learning this much, is almost like getting a college degree! AWS gives you great control – but you have to know what you are doing with that control.

I learned something else, the course does not cover. I got the free account and, not knowing what I was doing – followed the directions that another company gave me – that didn’t know what they were doing either – and did something I was not supposed to do.

The next time I tried to use my account, AWS took me right to that error – and said “Fix this!” I followed their directions, and tried to fix it – but couldn’t – I had found a bug in their software. What to do?

My account did not include technical support – so I could not report their problem!

I did the right thing, and paid for a support plan (that cost about $20 a month). Now I can rattle their cage, and get them to listen to me!

When the little guy talks to the big guy – he has to be respectful, and take care to not offend him. By spending $20 a month, I am no longer so little.


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