A Nerd with a Sense of Humour


This is also an example of online journalism. He casts his bread upon the waters, having no idea what will happen to them – and some of them survive. I see some of their writers are Mexicans – hightech wetbacks!

This is about Big Data – the latest computer obsession. How do we deal with huge amounts of data? The tweets of our current President, for example?

This is a long article, and I never finished it. But it deals with an important problem – how is data that is shared, get updated?

In the 19th Century, the solution, for the Mormons, who had a Prophet who was constantly receiving divine messages – was for them to read the latest church publication – the Times and Seasons. Any competing publication, such as the Nauvoo Expositor, was simply destroyed! This seemed logical to the Mormons, but resulted in the death of their Prophet, at the hands of an angry mob.

Much later, one of the descendents of this church – the Community of Christ – has been taken over by a dictator – who can modify the church writings as he pleases. The church members should be aware of this, and complaining about it. But their minds have gone on vacation. This is true of Americans in general – their way of dealing with too much information – is to ignore it!

This is one solution for practically anything – disappear without a trace.


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