Americans did not Take Care of America

Late in the 20th Century, America stopped working – and Americans wondered why. The reason was simple – Americans were not interested in the future of America – only in their own future (that of themselves and their friends). Thinking about the future was too much of a bother – so they didn’t think about it.

This was a huge moral and intellectual failure – but they could ignore it, by insisting that the Economy was not about Morality! It was about making money – nothing else.

Morality and Making Money, however are closely related. And we don’t have to go back too far to see this – to the advent of Protestantism. That was very interested in Morality – and this resulted in Affluence also. The Market cannot work, unless Honesty is involved. Protestants were honest (scrupulously so) while the Catholics were not.

Latin America is now poor, and North America is rich. The exception being Costa Rica, who had leaders who were interested in the future of their country – and did something about it.


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