What Was Wrong With the Valley?

By the Valley I mean Silicon Valley, where I lived and worked in the Nineties. If ever there was a crazy place, this was it. Plenty of people, however, who knew me then – would tell me, flat out – that I was crazy, not them. I have no trouble with that – we were all crazy together. Although I was probably more aware of it than they were.

The money though, was out of this world. There seems to be a weird connection between money and madness. And this connection was there.

It seems to depend on this – how much craziness can you tolerate? If you have a lot of it already in your life – an extra dose may be too much. To survive, I had to go on frequent backpacking trips lasting for months.

My problems, and I had plenty of them – started with my miserable childhood. When joined a men’s therapy group, I learned (to my amazement) some some guys had childhoods that were much worse. And they were high up in the Valley, and filthy rich.

I had to get out and move to Costa Rica – a move everyone in the Valley sympathized with – but they couldn’t do themselves.

Now, looking back at it, the main problem for me – was not that they were crazy, you find that everywhere – but that they thought they were somehow above that sort of thing. They would not admit that everyone is a little crazy (including them).

Humble they were not.


One thought on “What Was Wrong With the Valley?

  1. Nobody has a perfect life, and everybody has something that they battle. Families are never perfect, yet so many try to give the illusion of perfection. As they say, “life is not a bowl full of cherries”
    Life is probably more like a combination of cherries and sour grapes. I am glad that yours has more cherries, now. I think you are a very insightful person.

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