What is this, really?

This a difficult question, because it drags in so many other things with it – including the Industrial practice of using technical advances to grab power.

I was part of the Computer Industry right from the start – beginning in 1980. We didn’t know what was going on – but the Captains of Industry smelled power and grabbed onto it. I watched in amazement, as they took over computer companies, and destroyed them – one after the other.

They only saw them as money – not as technical innovators. This was a shocking process (for me) that almost everyone else ignored. This was how things had been done for a hundred years – and it was considered normal.

Meanwhile, under the covers, new things were happening – that would challenge the Industrial way of doing business. The Computer, with its Software Development, emphasized cooperation, not competition. There was money to be had, and a lot of it – but only after things were done right.

This was a new idea – doing things right. But we do not have to go back too far in Human History to see this was an old idea. We have always asked ourselves – what is the best way to live? But this was overshadowed, in the 18th and 19th Centuries, by the Industrial emphasis on making money – and this meant (for them) grabbing power.

Something strange had happened to the human psyche, that few people recognized, and even fewer tried to analyze. But whatever it was – the Computer ended its dominance.

Industrialization was about the Machine conquering people – and now people were conquering it – using a new machine.

I hope you can follow me here.


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