On Being a Tech Writer

In America, The Job has become all-important. If you don’t have a job, you are a nobody – and no one wants to be that.

I had many jobs (because the companies I worked for, kept going of business). I made this part of my identity “I’m in-between jobs right now.” Which was totally true, and made people feel better about me – I was alright, because I took my jobs seriously – or at least seemed to.

I cleaned up my resume, to make it look like I worked for fewer companies. This did not reflect the reality of the situation – but that is what people wanted. A reality that was better than the real one. One that overlooked the instability of the job market – that overlooked the instability of the companies themselves.

Tech writers make the world look better than it is. That’s what their job is.

At one point, I decided I wanted to do Technical Documentation – to make the company aware of the clever tools it had in reserve, to make more products. I was fired, instead.

And the company went out of business.


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