I Gotta VPN

Just what I always wanted!

Perhaps, like me, you wonder what a VPN is – check this out. Impressed?

I have been trying to use AWS, the Amazon Cloud – the best one out there.

I got a free account, and decided to set up a virtual personal computer on it, so I could do some F# programming there – using its EC2 service. I got my virtual computer, but could not figure out how to use it. Something was wrong, and their technical support told me:

Your instance security group rules show that, you are only allowing RDP connection from Ip address. If you IP address changed or RDP’ing from different location, modify this security groupo rule to allow connection from your IP address or for testing purpose, allow RDP connection from

RDP stands for their virtual desktop, that you can use to program your virtual machine. The rest of the message mean nothing to me. AWS has given me powerful new capabilities I never asked for!

I now have to learn a vast range of skills, just to become Cloud Literate. Perhaps I should have just left the thing alone.

But The Beast has been awakened, and has grabbed us by the balls!


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