What We Have to do First

Is carefully assess our problem, which is this  – most people have dropped out of the world, and are not interested in it. Which means other people are now responsible for making things work.

These people have a powerful tool to help them – the Computer, and its Software. They can use the techniques of Software Development for Human Development. Don’t look at me that way – I am serious about this!

I am babysitting a new Windows 10 laptop – and and learning from the experience. The Chinese company that built it (for a low price, it is true) left a lot for me to figure out for myself. And Microsoft did not want anything Google on it. I had to be smarter than they are, to make it right for me – which was hard, but not too hard.

Now I can use Google’s apps (such as their Chrome browser) and learn to program in F#, using Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Mix and Match!

And there are other things I am learning, just by hanging around the Software community – and seeing what they are interested in.

For example – Microservices. People can look at how this is done, in software – and adapt it to almost anything. At least anything in the Developed world – which is used to the idea of development. 

You can learn from anything – even a computer.


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