Social Engineering

The tragedy of our time, is that this is not being done very well. Most countries in the world are in bad shape.

Americans, for example, have decided to let other forces manage their nation – and not let Americans themselves manage it. At least this is what I see happening, with the election of Trump. They have handed the management of their country over to a man with a collection of wacky ideas – and they feel comfortable with this. Mismanagement is going on everywhere – and why not include the government in this?

This is typical behavior for a successful society in decline. They cannot see what made them successful, has been taken too far – and is now working against them. The sensible thing for them to do is back off for awhile, analyze their situation – and ask “What is going wrong here?” But they never do this – and a collapse ensues.

In our present case, the collapse involves a global society based on Capitalism – that cannot adapt itself to a Computer-based economy. The Software ecosystem operates differently – it is based on cooperation, not competition.

Capitalism was based on just that – Capital – money making money. And it was very successful – for those it favored. Money is still important in the Computer economy – people still have to be paid. But what they are being paid for has changed – information is now being managed, something different entirely.

Hardware is still important – but that is not where the Big Money is being made. It is now being made in Computers, and their Software.

But to manage Software, you have to be intelligent – something in short supply, in the late-industrial world.


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