Humans have the amazing ability to decide what they want to do, as a group. Any social animal does this, although what they end up doing together is something they inherit biologically, and can only change very slowly.

Groups of people can change rapidly, in only a few years – sometimes in only a few days. Events such as 9/11, made changes in seconds.

I was born, in 1936, into a world that was changing rapidly. Much to the relief of Americans, who were tired of the Depression. This was a terrible, incomprehensible event that happened to the world, that no one could understand. It was finally ended by WWII, that got production rolling again.

When I entered the workplace, in the Sixties, a different kind of social organization was in place, dominated by companies, and their organizations.

This has never been understood, because it did not want to be understood – this was part of the way it operated. People were told, quite sternly “Do not think about me!” And so they didn’t. Business had become our religion, and it demanded obedience. And most people were happy to obey – and punish those who did not.

This is an important point, and I want to clarify it. Most people behaved this way, maybe 80%, but they were in control. There was always a minority, who could see what was happening – and write about it, and make what small changes they could – but they were becoming less effective all the time. Who wanted to join a losing cause?

This chain of events got rolling late in the 19th Century – and continued until late in the 20th. All kinds of things happened – and interacted with each other. All typical of an empire in trouble.

In this case, a global empire made possible by Television and the Computer. This is where we are – in a strange new world we do not understand. But we continue to operate in it, as though nothing had changed.

We have created a new kind of insanity.


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