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IP Addressing in Your VPC

IP addresses enable resources in your VPC to communicate with each other, and with resources over the Internet. Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC support the IPv4 and IPv6 addressing protocols.

By default, Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC use the IPv4 addressing protocol. When you create a VPC, you must assign it an IPv4 CIDR block (a range of private IPv4 addresses). Private IPv4 addresses are not reachable over the Internet. To connect to your instance over the Internet, or to enable communication between your instances and other AWS services that have public endpoints, you can assign a globally-unique public IPv4 address to your instance.

You can optionally associate an IPv6 CIDR block with your VPC and subnets, and assign IPv6 addresses from that block to the resources in your VPC. IPv6 addresses are public and reachable over the Internet.

I am trying to use AWS (Amazon Web Services) to build a computer in the sky (in the cloud, that is). Amazon has facilities that make this easy, for most computer languages. But I am using F#, an important, but uncommon language. Which means I have to learn the nuts and bolts of how AWS works – some very complicated machinery, believe me.

In my opinion, AWS needs to add another service – that would help their users to coordinate the work they do inside AWS, with the work they do outside it. They could organize their work inside, any complicated way they wanted – and make this fit into the world outside it, that is organized differently. This is no small matter – messages and information, have to go both ways easily – between two different worlds.

The Cloud is the ultimate software technology – and making a good one is more than most companies can handle. Software has advanced so rapidly in the last 15 years (1990 – 2015) that whole industries (the Financial industry, for example) cannot keep up.

They need specialists who can understand software at a low level – and executives that can understand software at a high level. Both are in extremely short supply – and this is not likely to change anytime soon.

One project I would like try, if I were much younger – would be using software to analyze, and assist in the legislative process – in the writing of laws.

Every country in the world, is now a Democracy – with a Legislature that passes laws, very complicated ones – hundreds of pages long. No one can understand them – but the Computer is an expert at this – understanding Big Data.

It could even make models of these laws that ordinary people (politicians, even) could understand – and tweak, here and there, to see how things could change.

It could not predict how these laws would affect the people they were designed for. But they could be put into effect, and monitored closely to see the changes they caused. Make a few changes, and if they work – make a few more.

Societies would have to be built, however, with self-awareness built into them.

This is not a new idea, and not a particularly difficult idea – but is strongly resisted by some important people – who would prefer to remain unknown. An increased awareness on the part of the general public would smoke them out.


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